Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things are just about to get rolling... I ordered the 40 gallon breeder glass tank, Stand, Hood, and 4 bags of Eco Complete yesterday. They should be in tomorrow.

Today I purchased the filter (Aquaclear 200) and a big block of filter foam. I got the filter for super cheap by getting the guy at the LPS to do a price match from a sale I found on the internet... LPS had it marked at $35.99 and I got it for $15.99. My plan is to do this with other supplies that I can get at chain stores... for fish, plants, and specialty items I will go to the local shop and pay what they ask, since it's worth it to me to keep their profits up.

I'm going to follow a suggestion from Steve Hampton on the boards, and just pack the filter tightly with the foam. Since I will be seeding the Eco Complete with gravel from an established tank, I think this will do me just fine.

Tasks for today:
1. Devise a planting plan and figure out how to partition the substrate to keep plants from spreading where I don't want them. We have a bunch of narrow pieces of slate in the garage that I think will do the job, if I place it vertically into the substrate.
2. Figure out the logistics of the 10 gallon tank: which fish stay, which fish get promoted to the 40? Which plants stay and which move? How am I going to get the Eco Complete into the 10 gal substrate and still keep the remaining fish from having a conniption? How many fish need to stay in there in order to keep the tank cycled - maybe it's a good idea to keep this as a hospital/quarantine tank.
3. Start planning which new fish to get... seriously considering Rams but need to see how much lower my PH and water hardness will go after the peat and CO2 get cranking.

Shopping list for tomorrow:
96W Lightstrip
2 Hagen Natural CO2 systems (for now until I can save up for pressurized CO2). I can get PetSmart to price match them for $16.99 a piece so that's not bad at all.
Stress Coat
Peat Moss
Ammonia test strips

Next few days:
Field trip to the Hillsborough River to see if I can find some good natural driftwood/bogwood.
Tank backer. Might just use black posterboard for now.
Water change materials... the tiny gravel vacuum and 2 gallon buckets I am using for the 10 gallon are just NOT going to cut it.


Blogger Natalie said...

Hi Maura! My name is Natalie and I live here in Tampa also and love my 2 fish tanks. Have you been to everglades exotic plants? This is a great, inexpensive, resource for plants right here in town. They are off Eureka Springs Road. Check out he sells to the public and has a really nice setup. Know of any locals I can get fish from? Looking to stock my new 10 gallon and restock my 30 gallon in time. So you are going to the river to find driftwood? I have never collected wood before, but know that the pieces I see in stores are ridiculously overpriced.

April 15, 2005 at 12:23 PM  

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